Blanca Ausín




I completed my doctoral thesis at USAL on reconstructing the past Mediterranean climate using micropaleontological approaches. During my postdoctoral research at ETH Zurich, I developed a strong background in biogeochemistry, specializing in the study of the carbon cycle, its reservoirs and fluxes, using organic carbon and radiocarbon (Carbon-14) as tools to answer essential questions related to change climate and the global carbon cycle.

The greatest relevance and contribution of my scientific production lies in addressing multidisciplinary research questions on different time scales by merging observational, analytical, and modeling approaches. Much of my research focuses on evaluating the origin and fate of organic matter in the continent-ocean continuum. To do this, I use the radiocarbon (14C) technique in different materials as well as in molecular compounds (CSRA-Compound Specific Radiocarbon Analyzes) and I place special emphasis on the development and application of innovative analytical techniques.

With my current major project, PASSAGE, I am particularly interested in 1) understanding the influence of different organic matter transport processes in the continent-ocean continuum to better evaluate the spatiotemporal integrity of derived climate records and its corresponding climatic interpretation, and 2) elucidating the influence of hydrodynamic processes (e.g. lateral transport by deep currents) on the preservation and fidelity of climatic signals in marine sediments. I then use this information and new knowledge to re-evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the paleoclimatic information.

I am the Head of the Biogeoscience Laboratory (BIG- focused on the study of terrestrial and marine biomarkers, used in Earth and Marine Sciences to inform on climate change and environmental conditions.

Current Projects (Principal investigator)

PASSAGE: Provenance and transport pathways of marine proxy-bearing particles, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 101039348).

PALEOIGLOO: PALEOtemperatura y CO2 a escala Glacial-InterglaciaL durante el OligocenO

Past Projects (Principal investigator)

TRAMPOLINE: Temporal Relationships AMong PrOxy signaLs In mariNe sEdiments (TRAMPOLINE)

Rosetta Stone: Deciphering the Paleoclimate Rosetta Stone Particle-by-Particle


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